We hope you are having a good summer! We'd like to take this opportunity to remind you of our US Open Social coming up on Saturday the 5th of September as well as introducing a new member of staff.

Our social starts at 3:30 and we'd love for you to join in the fun. Please send this out to any of your family or friends, we welcome non-members to join us as well - the more, the merrier!.

Important Reminder

We would also like to remind all of our members to please be diligent with booking your courts. If the club computer does not work, or you are not able to log in, please e-mail and we'll be glad to book the court for you.

We have noticed that members have not been booking courts when playing at the club lately. We would appreciate your cooperation in this matter. If it does not improve the club might have to institute a monetary penalty.

In addition, if you are not signed up for the online booking, please stop by the office, we are happy to assist with this.  

New Staff Member

The Club would like to welcome Addie House as our new Exercise Specialist and Program Coordinator, she will also be assisting in the office. More information on the Club's new court fitness program will be emailed and posted on the board in the next couple of weeks.


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